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All the news relating to the Tech Haven network, including news about the Wiki, Rares Database, Forums and any other site news, including news from other players and fansites.

Forum tidy up
Tech Haven Network Forums
Written by Brammers   
Tuesday, 25 September 2012

There has been a tidy up of the THN forums lately in preperation for the upcoming forum upgrades.

What I've done is archived a lot of old forums and removed a lot of groups. This includes old clan forums. Since no clan forums have used their clans for years, and the majority of clans have their own private clan forums, we will be discontinuing all clan forums. Any clans with posts left, have been contacted with further details.

There are other groups which have been removed, and you find that you no longer have to certain posts or forums. Do not worry as we have safely archived them, and made a note of all member groups. So if you find you cannot access something, please leave a note on the forums or drop me a PM .

P.S. Forum upgrade date is "soon".


Rares DB Version 2.0.10 Released
Rares Database
Written by Brammers   
Sunday, 22 July 2012

The Rares DB has been updated to version 2.0.10.

The login code has been changed for the upcoming THN upgrades. When you are logged into the Rares DB, you are no longer logged into the forums. To use the forums, you must log in if you wish to send a PM to another trader.

Also all past "Remember me" tokens are now all invalidated. All new remember me tokens are now valid for a maximum of 90 days.

Any bugs or issues please leave a post on the forums or tweet us.


Rares DB Version 2.0.7 Released
Rares Database
Written by Brammers   
Wednesday, 18 July 2012

This is a small release of the Rares DB to test if our release process sill works, and to pull in a few bug fixes that have been hot-fixed over the years.

The only visible user change is the server order has been changed to Terra - Mars - Mercury which probably reflects the server activity more accuracy! The Neptune server has been finally hidden.

There are no new features in this release. There will be another release soon to change the Single Sign On code soon which will be required for the upcoming THN upgrades.

Any bugs please report them on the forums or you can tweet us .

Our video's - now on YouTube
Site News
Written by Brammers   
Monday, 05 March 2012

Our video's are now available to view on our channel on YouTube .

For quite a few years, we have been hosting a few video's from Neocron in our download section. We have now made them available to view on YouTube as well.

If you are asking the question "Are you going to remove the video's from the download section on the THN?" Don't worry, the answer is no, they will remain there.

So why not check today and don't forget to subscribe to the channel.


The THN is on Facebook
Site News
Written by Brammers   
Thursday, 08 September 2011

The THN is also now on Facebook! While you are waiting for your rezzer to bring you back from the dead on the Plaza 2 zoneline, why not check out our Facebook page?

And remember to click on "Like this" so you get the latest updates from the Tech Haven Network and Neocron.

Wiki registration suspended (Re-enabled)
Written by Brammers   
Sunday, 20 March 2011

Due to a problem with Spambots registered and spamming the wiki I had to temporarily suspended the ability to register on the NC wiki.

The good news, is this won’t be long since the latest wave of spambots don’t really have a clue how to hide the fact they are a spambot, so once the new countermeasures are in place we will be back to normal.

Updated: 22 Mar 2011 - Wiki registration has been re-enabled for now.

N.E.R.D on the THN!
Site News
Written by Brammers   
Tuesday, 01 March 2011

Anyone remember N.E.R.D from Neocron 1 days, that was a very popular forum thread with 5000+ posts on the official forums?

Well recently, a request came from Syntax Error for someone to post up all the chapters, and Dirus has come up trumps with the "N.E.R.D. The Complete Collection - Episodes 1-50"

Download it here. (It's a word DOC in a ZIP file)...and be prepered to waste your entire working day reading it!


The Prophecy Network Closes (Repost)
Site News
Written by Brammers   
Thursday, 27 January 2011

The Prophecy Network announced on the 18th of January 2011 that it was closing and on the 25th January 2011, the site closed.

Since then, quite a few people asked what was posted, so here are copies of the closing announcements from myself and other Prophecy Network staff members.

Please note: The Tech Haven Network is not closing and has no plans to close.

The Prophecy Network Closes - Techhaven Network to remain open
Site News
Written by Brammers   
Tuesday, 18 January 2011

On the Prophecy Network, the sister fansite to the Techhaven Network I've have announced the closure of the Prophecy Network .

Before the stories, rumours and the wrong rumours start, I would like to re-assure the Tech Haven Network is not closing, and does not intend to close. We are here to stay.

Be safe out there runner!

Items DB 1.5.4 & 1.5.5 Released
Items Database
Written by Brammers   
Saturday, 17 July 2010

There has been a small update to the THN API part of the Item DB, where a few JQuery libraries have been updated.

No new functionality has been added, however support for IE6 has been dropped. If you use this browser on the THN Item DB, you may find parts of it will not display correctly. We recommend upgraded to IE8, or using an alternative browser such as Firefox .

Update 19th July 2010: Some more code updates which should have no effect on current functionality.

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