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Tech Haven Network stories
Written by Husk   

Large sized stories

The fall of Tech Haven - great story about what happends to the fallen angels and techhaven between the end of the NC1 game and the start of the NC2 game, based on pluto characters. This is N.E.R.D QUALITY imho (in my humble oppinion)

Medium sized stories

The Lost memorys of a twisted faith... - Conspiracy story about a guy who loses his memory... - ingame/outgame mix

Small stories

Hawkers Corner...
>C.Y.B.O.T Project
The Sentinel Protocol
Begin the Begin

Character background stories

Thonkus - a brief history ...
Shadowfall, Zanderhaut
Harold 'HusK' Marshall
A short histroy of Brammers
My boy known as Cred 
A short history of Brammers
A brief history of Marcus Blade
Allure says: Hello
Harry 'Android' Marshall
SiL's Story
Morpheous's Life Story
Gunnar Aegirson

Other must reads

Consuming Him
Pluto's 'The Prophet' newspaper - 3 editions based on pluto ingame events
Phoenix files on the cult - a must read because of the high roleplay effort that was made by many sides to create a story _inside_ game - unfortunatly because most was inside, much is lost to re-read.
AYB attack
Bram, SiL and Herb in the wastes
...You have mail... - Mostly in-forum roleplay about the return of a certain someone we all knew well, but under a different name and thus story.
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