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All the news relating to the Tech Haven network, including news about the Wiki, Rares Database, Forums and any other site news, including news from other players and fansites.

Rares DB updates
Rares Database
Written by Brammers   
Wednesday, 04 April 2007

Tonight, the follow rares and their will be removed from the Rares DB.

F24.88 Flamethrower (This is a Black Dragon FDB item)
Holy Anti Protector (No-one has parts - this looks like it was confused with the Crahn Anti protector)
Crahn Catharsis (Removed from the rare pool in-game)

Any problems, please start a thread in the THN forums, or send me a PM.

Update: The parts have now been removed from the pool. 

Rares DB Item updates
Rares Database
Written by Brammers   
Sunday, 01 April 2007
The Tech Haven Rares Database has just had a bit of a Database cleanup for Evo 2.2 Some items have been removed as a result.
New clan website - R2K
Fansite News
Written by Brammers   
Wednesday, 14 March 2007

The Fallen Angels clan, R2K who are based on the server Terra, have updated their clansite with a new skin for Neocron 2.2, I've got to say it looks great!

Not only do they have their own forums, but they are serving up some Fallen Angels news, propaganda and unbiased battle reports. (So they claim!)

Head over to http://www.r2k-ua.net/ and good luck with your site guys!


Items DB 1.2.0
Items Database
Written by Brammers   
Saturday, 10 March 2007

The item DB has been updated to allow non integer modifier values. (ie To allow values like +2.84) This means you will see values like+2.00 until the item DB gets updated with the new values for 2.2.

Any other issues please report in this thread.

Please note 1.2.1 will also follow a little later today or tomrrow. 

Ultimate launcher links up with the THN
Fansite News
Written by Brammers   
Saturday, 17 February 2007

HOOver , the author of the neocron utility, Ultimate Launcher has linked up with the Tech Haven Network News.

When we post any News item, we will send a news item using the Ultimate Launcher ingame news system. If you are using the Ultimate Launcher, you will see something like this ingame.

[THN] THN News links up with the Ultimate Launcher - see http://www.techhaven.org

More news can be found in this thread.

Not only can the launcher get the latest news from the THN, it has several useful extras, like an in-game translater, a IRC client and various tools to help Neocron run more stablely.

You can download the Launcher from the Neocron Download tools section.

New Neocron Video Archive Website
Fansite News
Written by Brammers   
Thursday, 08 February 2007

A new Neocron Fansite has opened! It's the Neocron Video Archive which is run by Robert[GS] Worth a look for some video gems in there.

There is a discussion thread about the new site here in English or for the German version go here!

THN Webste upgrades
Site News
Written by Brammers   
Tuesday, 16 January 2007

The website software that helps power the THN has been upgraded. If there are any issues with the upgrades (Including login issues), please send a PM to Brammers or start a thread in the THN forums .

Update: 21st Jan - The registration process has been fixed - apologies for anyone who has not been able to register over the last few days. 

Items DB and Evo2.2
Items Database
Written by Brammers   
Monday, 11 December 2006

Evo2.2 and the Items DB, means there will be a few issues like what to do with old with old items. I would be grateful if you could read and maybe reply to this post on the official forums here.

For those who have been Bannozed from the official forums, go here instead!

Items Database - Version 1.1.7
Items Database
Written by Brammers   
Sunday, 10 December 2006

Item's DB 1.1.7 has been finally released. This release adds the missing editor in the administration backend, so finally we can process all those item updates!

Over the next week, I will be making a 2nd site for holding the Ev2.2 updates, but there will be updates to the 2.1 Items DB first, as there are a lot of broken images to fix.

Items DB - Downtime 9 Dec 2006 (Updated)
Items Database
Written by Brammers   
Friday, 08 December 2006

Update: Upgrade completed! 

The item DB will be unavailable for about 30 mins between 13:00 and 17:00GMT - 9th Dec 2006.

This is to allow for some of the data to changed to the correct format, which will make life a lot easier for me, and also for Evo 2.2 updates. Click on the Read more for the real technical details.

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