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Event News
In game events or out of game events? This is the place to find out them.

Fight for Tristar - Saturday 3rd September
Event News - Titan
Written by Brammers   
Wednesday, 31 August 2016

After the success of the Soliko fight, Drake6k is organising another player event.

This time the fight is in the middle of the desert at Tristar Uplink in sector I 11.

In his post he wrote "Why Tristar? Similar to Soliko, the OP only has one entrance. I want the OP to discourage defenders from running outside. Lots of people mentioned fighting at Cycrow next, but my problem with that and many other OPs is there are too many mountains to hide snipers and droners on. Tristar only has one mountain nearby and it's very open, so finding people shouldn't be too hard. Tristar is also fantastic for AoE bombardment with Moonstrikers and vehicles, as you can see almost every corner of the OP from outside of it."

In other words a good excuse for a fight! More details, including times head over to the official forums here .


Fight for Soliko event - Saturday 20th August
Event News - Titan
Written by Brammers   
Sunday, 14 August 2016

Drake6k is organising a big fight at Soliko Outpost on Saturday Aug 20th at 10pm UK time, 11pm German time, 5pm EST

The plan is simple bring as much firepower as you want, and pick a side to fight on.

"...Team up with whoever you want. Bring Hoverbombers. Bring kami drones. Bring SH spys. No rules, just a huge fight with many factions involved. You guys all want a fight and this is one of the most legendary OPs to fight at. No excuses, show up.

Tell everyone you know and get them to login. All of our guys will be there, gonna tell GP, gonna tell all the dead clans..."

More details of what promises to be simple but fun event can be found on the official forums in this thead .

2 vs 2 Tournament - 19th July
Event News - Titan
Written by Brammers   
Saturday, 18 July 2015

bmurph101 on the Neocron forums is organising a 2 vs 2 Tournament on Sunday 19th July.

The full rules and more information can be found on the NC forums in this little thread - hope to see you there.

Blood and Screeching tires Even - Sunday 30 March
Event News - Titan
Written by Brammers   
Thursday, 27 March 2014

This Sunday 30th March at 20:00CET, the 17th Squad are organising a Blood and Screeching Tyres event which starts at Desert Racetrack, followed by a PvP event at Battledome.

There will be great prizes to be won, for both the race and tournament. More details on the rules and how to sign up can be found on this forum thread on the Official Neocron forums.

NeoCast Tournament
Event News - Titan
Written by Brammers   
Tuesday, 16 April 2013

NeoCast is organising a PvP Tournament at BattleDome on Saturday 27th of April, starting at 17:00BST (18:00CEST)

There are two tournaments you can enter 1 vs 1 and Free Fight. Entry is 100k and you need to be of a certain base rank to enter.

Full details can be found on the official forums in this thread .

Last Man Standing - Event 4th Feb 2011
Event News - Terra
Written by Brammers   
Tuesday, 25 January 2011

RAB has announed the first Last Man Standing Event , which will be held on Terra on the 4th Feb 2011 at 20:00GMT.  

"This is the Ultimate Combat Championship for all aspiring uber combatants!!

It will test all your resources and talents in various situations and locations, some more dangerous than others.

There will be risks! You cannot be UCC Champion without risking it all.

This is not a play it safe competition.

Time to put your money where your mouth is! Lets Lock and Load...."

More details on the forums, including all the rules.

Neocron Player Events for 2011
Event News - Terra
Written by Brammers   
Monday, 17 January 2011

RAB , who recently ran the very successful and exciting “Capture the Thief” event, is busy planning some more exciting player events from Neocron, and would welcome your thoughts and input on some future.

Currently in the pipeline he has plans for.

  • Another Capture the Thief event with some minor changes.
  • A Last man standing event, but with a difference, it would be in a room with mobs, like the Nightmare! So who do you kill first....
  • A Treasure Hunt, and of course X on the map marks the treasure...at the most dangerous place possible!
  • Also he is looking to run a few Race, some PvP events with Garfield’s help and anything else that gets suggested.

So get involved, and join the talk in this thread on the official forums.

Capture the Thief
Event News - Terra
Written by Brammers   
Monday, 20 December 2010

RAB is organising a few events on Terra, starting with "Capture the Thief" where a Professional infiltrator has stolen top secret corporate information. To make things harder, the Thief is disguised as an regular runner!

The event starts on 23rd December 2010 between 8pm-10pm GMT. There are some rules for the game, so make sure you read them before taking part .

Mixup Motor Mayhem Challenge
Event News - Terra
Written by Brammers   
Friday, 09 January 2009

Do you like the sound of vehicles exploding and blowing up? (Of course you do!)

Well Demolitionist is organising the Mixup Motor Mayhem Challenge event on Sunday 18th January Sunday 1st February at 20:00GMT on server Terra.

There are 3 main events you can enter which are. (All with prizes to be won!)

- Knockout Rhino Tournament
- Scorpion Trike Jousting
- Motor Mayhem Clash

More information on each event and how to enter can be found in this thread.

Updated: The event has been moved to the 1st of February.

Lord of the Dome
Event News - Terra
Written by Brammers   
Saturday, 03 January 2009

Hot off the press, there is an PvP event organised by Garfield , called Lord of the Dome with the chance to win 10 million NC.

"This will be an 1vs1 pvp tournament with few groups of fighter. Best of each group comes in the next round. All classes are welcome, stealthing or ppu buffs are not allowed.

this is the chance for all the OOC bigmouths to prove how good you realy are, dont miss it.

It starts at 20:00GMT on Sunday 4th January on server Terra. The event will be held at BattleDome. If you want to enter, send an email ingame to tribeholz or garfield with your class ingame, by 19:00GMT

More information can be found in this thread

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