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All the latest general news about Neocron 2 from ReaKKtor.

Neocron 2.3 content patch delayed
Written by Brammers   
Wednesday, 05 September 2007

Snowcrash has announced that the planned patch to change the factions back to the old NC1 relations has been delayed until November.

What was also revealed is the events team would be bringing a new storyline to the game.

You can discuss the news in this thread

Neocron 2.3 Plans let slip
Written by CMaster   
Saturday, 25 August 2007

In a forum post today, Nidhogg stated that "Oh, and NC Evolution 2.3 is still scheduled for an Autumn release, not too far now."

Exactly what this next evolution comprises of is unknown, considering that the balancing promised by Evolution 2.2 has not yet been acheived, the faction restructuring was specifcally stated to not be "spectacular enough to call them Neocron 2.3", by CEO Holger Nathrath and as Snowcrash has said that "As we did it with Evolution 2.2 we will ask the community about what they like to see with Evolution 2.3. This means that we will offer several suggestions taken from the community discussions and then decide on what will be included with Evolution 2.3 on base of your feedback." which is a step that appears not to have happened yet.

More on this as it develops - although most likley is that the decisionw as made that faction revamp does merit being called 2.3

Update @ 1:00 26/08/2007 - Odin has found this article where Holger mentions the existence of a Neocron 2.3 So anybody who went to the convetion fancy filling us in on what he had to say? 

Neocron's 5th Birthday
Written by Brammers   
Friday, 17 August 2007

On 6th September 2002, Neocron went retail... thats nearly 5 years ago! Of course that was Neocron 1, and everyone is now playing Neocron 2.2.

So Chenoa and the Neocron event team are arranging a 5th Anniversary Jubilee event, details of which can be found in this thread on the official forums! Get your entries in quick!


Paypal problems
Written by CMaster   
Sunday, 15 July 2007
Various people are reporting their accounts paid for by paypal being terminated as they come up for renewal, with a message about the seller being unable to accept payment, The cause of this problem is unknown, but Nidhogg insists that it is "being looked into". However as this problem involves not only Reakktor but likley also banks, it can be expected that any resolution will have to wait until a weekday.
Updated: Terra Rollback
Written by CMaster   
Monday, 09 July 2007

Today, various people were reporting probelms with items and logging in on Terra, following this morning's maintenence. As a result of this, Terra is now down while the problems are being examined. Is another rollback for Terra on the cards? (presumably if there is, it will be to this morning's backup). We should see by later today.

Read the offical announcement. 

Update at 16:12 (GMT): Terra has been rolled back to its state as of yesterday evening (19:00 08/07/2007 (CET)) . There is an offical announcement available to read.

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