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Neocron Evolves again - Patch on Sarturday 12th November
Written by Brammers   
Tuesday, 08 November 2016

It's finally here - news has been released when the next big patch will be released on Official Neocron servers.

A small summary - "...thousands of lines of code. Huge chunks of Neocron’s underlying systems have been gutted and entirely re-engineered from the ground up. Where there was once an unruly and at times haphazard weapon system, now lies a modern and efficient system. Acting as a foundation to be built upon the future the new system is designed with flexibility, growth and agile iteration in mind." ... and much more.

Full details on the patch news can be found here on the official forums.. The patch notes will be released on the day of the patch.

Items DB V2 Gold released
Items Database
Written by Brammers   
Sunday, 25 September 2016

Items DB V2 has left beta and and gone gold. We would like to thank our users for testing the beta and all the feedback.

The THN Items DB is one the biggest and most used sites for Neocron since 2006. Although it works well, some of the code and design is quite old. So a few years ago, a new design was laid down to allow the Item DB to expand with some of the upcoming changes in Neocron. Including

  • All items are versions - so you can see the history of what has changed for an item.
  • Users are now able to submit updates and new items to the DB.
  • The admins have the ability to add new attributes to the system. So the admins can now add new data types (eg Cabs in apartments) without patching.
  • A lot of the old data was cleaned up, and some missing data restored.
  • Some new data available to add and view on items, Smuggler item details, ammo clip sizes, and charges.
  • The CSS, JS and HTML has been re-worked to work better with modern browsers.
  • The full change log can be found here.

The development process does not end here. Development for Version 2.1 has started to add item views so you can see a full extensive list of rares, FSM items and other useful features.

And were is the Items DB? Just follow the usual links, or click here.

Fight for Tristar - Saturday 3rd September
Event News - Titan
Written by Brammers   
Wednesday, 31 August 2016

After the success of the Soliko fight, Drake6k is organising another player event.

This time the fight is in the middle of the desert at Tristar Uplink in sector I 11.

In his post he wrote "Why Tristar? Similar to Soliko, the OP only has one entrance. I want the OP to discourage defenders from running outside. Lots of people mentioned fighting at Cycrow next, but my problem with that and many other OPs is there are too many mountains to hide snipers and droners on. Tristar only has one mountain nearby and it's very open, so finding people shouldn't be too hard. Tristar is also fantastic for AoE bombardment with Moonstrikers and vehicles, as you can see almost every corner of the OP from outside of it."

In other words a good excuse for a fight! More details, including times head over to the official forums here .


Fight for Soliko event - Saturday 20th August
Event News - Titan
Written by Brammers   
Sunday, 14 August 2016

Drake6k is organising a big fight at Soliko Outpost on Saturday Aug 20th at 10pm UK time, 11pm German time, 5pm EST

The plan is simple bring as much firepower as you want, and pick a side to fight on.

"...Team up with whoever you want. Bring Hoverbombers. Bring kami drones. Bring SH spys. No rules, just a huge fight with many factions involved. You guys all want a fight and this is one of the most legendary OPs to fight at. No excuses, show up.

Tell everyone you know and get them to login. All of our guys will be there, gonna tell GP, gonna tell all the dead clans..."

More details of what promises to be simple but fun event can be found on the official forums in this thead .

Items DB V2 Beta 2 released
Items Database
Written by Brammers   
Sunday, 31 July 2016

Itemd DB V2 Beta 2 has been released to http://db.techhaven.org/

I would like to thank the players for testing the Item DB, and shaking out a few issues. Also the feedback I had in-game has been very welcomed. (Yes I do play NC)

Some of the main updates in this release.

  • This release enables the full item editing of items. Players can now submit updates for existing items, and submit new items that are not listed.
  • The diff view between different versions has ben completely overhauled. Some of you have sad you had to be a hacker/coder to understand it, well it's now 100% totally "runner" friendly so you can see what's changed.
  • And may more fixes and changes
  • Missing APU/PPU items from pre/post NC2.2 updates have been revisted n updated, although the parts list for some items may not be correct.

Any submitted item updates will reviewed by a THN admin and as this DB is "live" please submit real updates, and not "test" updates.

The next release will be Items DB 2.0.0 Gold which will have a few minor bug updates and anything that shakes out of this short beta.

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