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Items DB V2 Beta 1 released
Written by Brammers   
Monday, 11 July 2016

After working on and off for the last 2 years I'm now pleased to annouce the release of Items DB V2 Beta 1

Items DB V2 is a re-write from scratch to fix a lot of issues that has made adding new features difficult over the years. Apart from a cleaner UI, each item is now versioned. The eventual aim of version to to hopefully track the changes for each item between patches. Players will now be able to submit updates for items, and this includes adding data to items that goes beyond what's available on an item ingame.

Further roadmaps will be published once Item DB V2 goes gold.

For the first beta release, there are a few features missing (Such as Faction DB Lists, and FSM lists) missing. They will return in future beta releases. There are bugs as well, which we hope you can report to us. The aim is to get things stable.

One important note, is Item DB editing and submitting of items is currently disabled for users. We need to add editing of attributes such as modifiers and requirements. This is epected to be added in Beta 2 or Beta 3.

Also I'm aware some players following the NC:C project want to see the old stats of items. You can view old stats of an item by viewing an item, and selecting the older version. I know this isn't ideal but this issue will be addressed later.

So how do you use the new Items DB - well you are probably already using it but you can head to the Items DB at http://db.techhaven.org/ and please report any bugs to the THN forums

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