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Canyon Challenge
» Canyon Challenge TG "Mini PPR" Mission
Basically just a kill mission. You need to be rank xx/55 before implants and drugs and a member of the anti-city alliance to start this mission.

• Talk to Commander Hopkins in the Twilight Guardian headquarters at the TG Canyon
• Kill 35 Doomreapers.
  Tip: 75/75 firemobs. The canyons sectors are your best bet. F13 and H12 are favoured zones with rhino drivers for their high density of firemobs - careful of the Grims however.
• Return to Commander Hopkins 
• Talk to Isabelle Renard somewhere in C11
• Return to Commander Hopkins
• Kill 50 Warbots
  Tip: I06 and I10 are favoured zones of warbot hunting rifle spies. Most zones near the millitary base have a good glut of warbots too.
• Return to Commander Hopkins and collect your reward. Tip: Because of the way mission counters in Neocron work, you can make those warbot kills at any time during the mission. You may find it easier to kill them while out in the wastes, and just talk to Hopkins repeatedly when you return for the end. Also, be careful of the time limit - with so many kills to get, its quite possible to run out of time.


Freedom Fighter CPU
• • •

10000 Experience points all stats

• • •

Medal of Valour 

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