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Character Classes
Private Eye

Character Info > Private Eye

Description: The Private Eye (PE) is not specialized in any specific field. Athough all of his skills are rather low at the beginning they are relatively balanced. The player who chooses this class has the option of specializing within a broad range of possible areas later on.

Background: The PE is an average citizen of Neocron who owns a small apartment on the Plaza or the Via Rosso and lives an average life. He gets by via small jobs and is not too proud to carry out courier services for the resident companies. He does, however, have the potential to become a master detective, head hunter, Psi-Fighter, party animal or even a serial killer. It's a long journey for the average guy, though

- No special weaknesses
- Vesatility

- Skills are balanced, but only restrictively improveable
- No real specialization

Available Occupations:

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Character Info > Spy

Description: The Spy has his strengths in the intellectual areas. Although his physical strength is limited, he has a keen intellect in many areas such as hacking and the control of drones, which others are not able to do.

Background: Many representatives of this class have been working for the secret service for several years and are therefore remarkably agile and dexterous. Because of his below-average physical qualities, the Spy is physically slightly inferior to the PE. The Spy can compensate for this deficit through training, as he has the potential to specialize in all possible areas. If he does choose to focus on physical battle, he will have work harder than the PE. He will achieve success faster than the PE in the fields of PSI mastery

- Very high Intelligence
- Good physical flexibility

- Disadvantages in all areas that require great physical strength

Available Occupations:

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Character Info > Tank

Description: The GenTank is a product of the Ceres wars. He is especially robust and strong as he was created for military purposes.

Background: After the war was won, the few surviving GenTanks were left to their own devices for humanitarian reasons instead of being destroyed. As the original genetic 'formula' did not include emotional and mental development, the Tank cannot develop PSI-skills. This emotionally disturbed creature can be extremely aggressive and is skilled in handling weapons of all types. From the beginning, the Defense and Attack values are at a level for which the Spy and Private Eye classes have to practice for a long time.

- Great physical strength and robustness

- No psi-skills
- Well below-average Intelligence

Available Occupations:

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Character Info > PSI Monk

Description: Because of his physical constitution, the Psi-Monk is at a disadvantage in all physical areas. Even with the greatest effort it is almost impossible for him to become a good fighter in the classical sense. On the other hand, all possibilities in the area of Psi-mastery are open to him.

Background: Until the Ceres wars the Psi-Monks were the reigning class in Neocron. It was they who designed the genetic plans for the GenTanks who ultimately settled the war in favor of Neocron. After the war the people, morally enforced by the victory, rebelled against the unfeeling Psi-Monks. The Monks were persecuted and driven into the underground. After legal reforms, the Psi-Monks were rehabilitated and are now allowed to live freely in Neocron. Nevertheless, they are still hated by most of the population.

- Very High Intelligence
- Good Physical Flexibility
- PSI Skills Can Be Highly Developed

- Disadvantages in all areas that require great physical strength

Available Occupations:

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Psi Monk

ClassSTRDEXCONINTPSIStarter Inventory
Private Eye603803653603351Light-Kevlarboots
Stamina Booster 1
Spy40210034021005201Light Energyfieldbelt
Stamina Booster 1
Kevlararmorvest 1
Stamina Booster 1
PSI Monk20135245110041005PSI Booster 1
Crahn Power Gauntlet
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